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Mothers Hugging Daughters Hugging Mothers

The mothers and daughters I saw hugging at the airport didn’t look cheesy like this. If they had looked like this, they wouldn’t have made me start crying. No, the mothers I saw hugging their daughters as they came down … Continue reading

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This Song of Mine…

This weekend I went home to Marin for my half-aunt Allison’s baby shower. (You might be wondering how I have a half-aunt — my grandfather got remarried and had kids in the 1980s and the result is that I have … Continue reading

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Some days, it doesn’t take much

My black leather purse died the other day. After seven years of use, it had grown tired of my shoulder but since it’s hard for me to find purses that aren’t too bulky or girly, I’d kept it by my … Continue reading

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Creating Grief

Sometimes the hardest grief to overcome is the grief that we create in our own lives. The revisiting of past relationships that caused us pain. The insanity of doing the same thing and expecting different results. The losses we create … Continue reading

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Sometimes People Don’t Have Cancer

Another one of my friends had a breast cancer scare, a bad mammogram, a shadow, a fear, and found out — it was nothing. Sometimes it’s nothing. Good reminder. Wishing you a long string of nothings.

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Not Her

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like cancer’s following you around. Or sitting on your shoulder, waiting. Like a gargoyle or a crow. During the last 16 years, I’ve only had two consecutive years without worrying about someone I love … Continue reading

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Overwhelmed…but in a good way

Wow… Who knew so many people had experienced a loss on Facebook? Thank you for sharing your stories of grief that you experienced both on and off-line, for your encouragement and support. I am blown away by each and every comment … Continue reading

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