Mothers Hugging Daughters Hugging Mothers

The mothers and daughters I saw hugging at the airport didn’t look cheesy like this. If they had looked like this, they wouldn’t have made me start crying.

No, the mothers I saw hugging their daughters as they came down the escalator at LAX looked more like this…

One after another greeted each other with broad smiles and tight hugs, each one like a bucket of pin needles on my heart, pulling me closer and closer to completely losing it. I wondered why the arriving flight had so many moms waiting, then I realized it was spring break — these were college kids coming home for their week off and their excited moms, most of them alone without dads, stood there waiting for the best part of their year.

I remembered my mother standing at the bottom of the escalator at Oakland Airport, smiling like that, excitedly waiting for me, how loved that look on her face made me feel…and without much control, I just started crying. I couldn’t hold it back. The daughters kept coming and the mothers kept hugging. I tried to pull it together for the person I was picking up, hoping at some point the passengers would transform into weary business men and European tourists. Eventually the stream stopped. And by the time I saw my familiar face coming down that escalator, my cheeks were dry.

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